Individual Counseling

This is an update from June 30. Our counselors have returned to offering in-person sessions with those clients who are comfortable with this. We have instituted new protocols for entering our offices and are taking great care with cleaning and distancing. All counselors are also set up with the capability to have counseling sessions online through a HIPAA compliant service called Doxy, if that is what you prefer at this time. What we would want you to know is that we are OPEN for counseling.  We are available to walk with you through the challenges in your life. This is a challenging time for all of us. If Barnabas is about anything it is about CONNECTION with God and others.  As the world gets more separated (literally) we desire to be a place that promotes the connection that we are made for and called to. Please reach out and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the happenings at Barnabas. 

Be well and know that you are Loved

The Barnabas Center Counselors and Staff

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Through individual and couple counseling sessions, our licensed counselors come alongside adults in the midst of their struggles. Witnessing God use brokenness and heartache to move people toward redemption and healing is one of our greatest privileges.


Group Counseling

Bringing struggles to light through the safety of confidential, counselor-facilitated groups is often an integral step toward transformation. Groups that have been offered in the Charlotte office include:

  • Sexual betrayal
  • Childhood abuse
  • Sexual addiction


The Barnabas Center is not a preferred provider for any particular insurance company nor are we equipped to file insurance claims for you. It is the client’s responsibility to check with their individual insurance company to see what their policy covers. If you receive insurance benefits, you will still be expected to pay for each session at the time of your appointment.

Your counselor can provide a form at your request that supplies the information your insurance company will need for you to file a claim on your own. Please refer to your individual counselor’s disclosure statement for complete details regarding our insurance procedures.


Payment for counseling services is expected at the beginning of each session. We accept cash, check or credit/debit cards.  We are unable to make insurance claims for you, but will be happy to provide (at your request) a form that supplies the information your insurance company will need when you file a claim. If you receive insurance benefits, you will still be expected to pay for each session as it occurs.

Scholarships are available upon request and will be granted, as available, by considering your household’s annual gross income and any extenuating circumstances. A Scholarship Request Form may be obtained at the first appointment or by clicking BELOW. Full payment will be expected at the time of the first visit.

Barnabas Triad Scholarship Form

Church Assistance

Clients sometimes approach their church for assistance with their counseling or group fees. If your church is helping you pay for your counseling session or group fees, we need a written agreement signed by your church with their financial commitment prior to your first counseling session. 

Church Payment Agreement Form

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“I’ve steadily been working on the fears that were controlling my life and have been discovering not just who I am but who God made me to be. I have come to value The Barnabas Center as a safe place to express my innermost thoughts, to feel comfortable being who I am, and to be confident in facing the needs I have been hiding inside.”
— Counseling Client

“My childhood story’s crippling effects can be seen in the confusing, painful memories of sexual abuse as a child. Not until I sat with a counselor and group of ladies at Healing Hearts did I see the truth and my innocence. The teaching and community of Healing Hearts helped me see myself in a new way. It looks like a girl who is no longer believing lies regarding the abuse. It looks like freedom
…like hope.”

— Group Counseling Member