Growing Up Peaceful: Holding, Helping, and Empowering Your Anxious Child

On Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 Reynolda Church hosted this seminar presented by Barnabas Center Charlotte counselor, Meredith Spatola. Below is a description of the event. If you are interested in having your church host this seminar please contact us via email: triadinfo@thebarnabascenter.org

During this time we will look at different ways kids express anxiety to their parents. We will also look at how our reaction to their anxiety can be similar to how we handle our own fears. The hope of this seminar is to wake us to an awareness of how we deal with our own anxiety so that we can be intentional in helping shepherd our kids through theirs. We will look at how to take anxious protests seriously, how to help ground a child who is overwhelmed, and how to help them “disobey” worrisome thinking. You will receive practical tools as well as spiritual encouragement to rest in what God is doing through your child’s struggle.

Meredith Spatola, Licensed Professional Counselor from The Barnabas Center, Charlotte.

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